Apreamare Don Giovanni 11 “Zerlina”

Our Apreamare Don Giovanni 11 ‘Zerlina’ is a perfect blend of Italian style and high performance.
Enjoy the Italian Riviera aboard this unique boat.
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Discover the timeless elegance of the Apreamare Don Giovanni 11 “Zerlina”, the yacht that embodies luxury and naval sophistication. With its 50 feet of pure grandeur, it will take you on a unique journey through the marine world. Its sleek lines and impeccable design blend harmoniously with the luxurious interiors, offering you an oasis of comfort and style. The Don Giovanni 11 is equipped with the latest technologies and delivers exceptional performance, allowing you to sail with elegance and security. Don’t wait, live the experience of a true luxury yacht!

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Zerlina Apreamare Don Giovanni 11