Corniglia, the magical pearl of the Cinque Terre

Today we take you to Corniglia, the smallest of the Cinque Terre, the only one that stands on a promontory about 90 meters high above the sea and reachable via a staircase of 377 steps.

β›΅It is worth going up to Corniglia and be enchanted by its beauty and authenticity. Here, its history and its roots are told through the remains of medieval sculptures and architecture, while the view stretches towards terraced vineyards and olive trees cultivated over the centuries.

🎭 It is no coincidence that it was mentioned by Boccaccio in his Decamerone, and inspired artists such as Longaretti, Pistoletto and one of the most famous contemporary Italian jazz players: Enrico Rava.

πŸŒ… There are several viewpoints from which to admire breathtaking views of the other villages and of the cobalt sea that laps the cliffs.

πŸ‘‰πŸ»Let yourself be amazed by Corniglia, by its colorful houses, by its history, by its nature full of charm.

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