Portovenere from the sea, on our yachts

Discover Portovenere from the sea on our yacht. In just 60 minutes from Portofino, this village will welcome you with the view of its characteristic castle and the historic Church of San Pietro.
Portovenere is a pearl set in the western tip of the Gulf of La Spezia, bathed by the crystalline Ligurian waters, full of life. A romantic historic center with its narrow alleys and steep stairways that hide squares and characteristic views, caves and ravines that open up along the rocky cliffs of the coast.

The views that inspired great poets, in a sea of ​​wonder, will fascinate and surprise you aboard the luxury yachts Charter Portofino. First-rate boats, always impeccable, equipped with the most modern options available, to ensure a very high level experience.

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