Aperitif on the boat in San Fruttuoso

Experience the thrill of an aperitif on a boat in San Fruttuoso, a place preserved over the centuries and embraced by a thick Mediterranean scrub. Getting there aboard a Yacht Charter Portofino will be surprising. Double Punta Chiappa, from the sea you have the best view towards the dome of the ancient Benedictine Abbey in […]

Aperitif at sunset in Portofino on our Rivarama 44 Aperitif at sunset in portofino on our rivarama44: the aperitif to be accompanied by the warmth of the sunset light, waiting for the sun to go down to the horizon. Rent a yacht in Portofino to live an authentic experience in absolute privacy.And then, scrolling through the video, a small focus on Ligurian cuisine. […]