Aperitif at sunset in Portofino on our Rivarama 44 Aperitif at sunset in portofino on our rivarama44: the aperitif to be accompanied by the warmth of the sunset light, waiting for the sun to go down to the horizon. Rent a yacht in Portofino to live an authentic experience in absolute privacy.And then, scrolling through the video, a small focus on Ligurian cuisine. […]

Yacht tour in the Ligurian Sea A tour on our yacht thus begins, with the wind, the strong feeling of freedom worthy of a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Ligurian Sea.Everything you can wish for when the sun strongly heats your skin: the regenerating vitality of a day on a luxury yacht Charter Portofino.Live every moment of […]

Portovenere from the sea, on our yachts Discover Portovenere from the sea on our yacht. In just 60 minutes from Portofino, this village will welcome you with the view of its characteristic castle and the historic Church of San Pietro. Portovenere is a pearl set in the western tip of the Gulf of La Spezia, bathed by the crystalline Ligurian waters, […]

Rivarama 44 at anchor in the Ligurian Riviera

We are at anchor, aboard the Rivarama 44 in the Ligurian Riviera.The promontory is reflected in the blue sea, where the golden shimmers of a warm summer sun alternate relentlessly.Renting a yacht with Charter Portofino, means elegance and discretion’s the best time to dive into the clear waters of the Ligurian Sea and enjoy […]

Portofino’s bay with our Rivarama 44

We approach Portofino’s bay with our Rivarama 44, an icon of style and elegance.From here it seems to admire one of the many paintings that famous paintershave represented on canvas, with bright colors.The look goes from the Brown Castle to the multicolored houses, which are reflected on the turquoise andcrystalline mantle.Seen from the sea, Portofino […]

Domenico Berardi, honeymoon in Portofino

National footballer Domenico Berardi and influencer Francesca Fantuzzi have chosen the enchanting Gulf of Portofino for their honeymoon. Our captain Luca Canessa took care of them on board the exclusive and refined Riva Rivarama 44. We are sure they have had an unforgettable day! Discover our Rivarama 44 Discover our Don Giovanni 11 Discover our […]