Tour of the Golfo del Paradiso

The Golfo Paradiso is a small gulf located on the eastern coast in the eastern part of the Gulf of Genoa, in the Ligurian Sea. It is nestled between the large municipality of the Ligurian capital and the promontory of Portofino. Reaching this Gulf by sea opens up various opportunities to discover the Ligurian territory and its incredible landscapes.

Recco and Camogli are its most famous and iconic towns: the first is well known for its focaccia with cheese, imitated all around the world, as well as for its water polo, gastronomy and the fireworks of the town’s traditional Fire Festival. The second is appreciated for its anchovies, sailing ships and colourful houses overlooking the sea. It is the perfect place for couples, with its romantic pier and breathtaking views.

The small village of San Fruttuoso also overlooks the Gulf, nestled within the Portofino Regional Natural Park.

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso

A true jewel of the Gulf, the Abbey of San Fruttuoso is located in Capodimonte, an inlet of the Park of Portofino. This iconic abbey is dedicated to San Fruttuoso of Tarragona, a third-century Catalan bishop and saint, whose ashes are held there, after having been moved following the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula. This site is unique in that it cannot be reached by road: it can only be accessed by sea or along two panoramic paths.

Christ of the Abyss

Exploring the Golfo Paradiso is not just about venturing into its paths and fortresses – one of its most precious secrets is in fact found on the seabed.
The Christ of the Abyss is a bronze statue placed in 1954 at the bottom of the bay of San Fruttuoso, between Camogli and Portofino within the Portofino natural Marine Protected Area, at a depth of 15 metres.

The statue, about 2.50 meters high, was created by sculptor Guido Galletti and was placed by the Italian Navy at a depth of about 17 meters.

Punta Chiappa

Punta Chiappa is a wonderful place offering breathtaking views that can be reached both by sea and by land.The Church of San Nicolò is considered by scholars to be one of the oldest abbeys in Liguria.

It is a small tongue of rock that juts out into the sea from the Portofino promontory, which shelters a small landing, known as Porto Pidocchio.

Punta Chiappa is part of the Municipality of Camogli and of the Park of Portofino, with its stretches of water in front that make up the Marine Protected Area of Portofino. When in Punta Chiappa, you simply cannot miss out on a dip in the water: thanks to its unique location, its seabed is home to splendid varieties of fish.

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The Fish Festival

Territory, taste and tradition blend together in a perfect union on the second Sunday of May, in the picturesque natural setting of Piazza Colombo in Camogli, at the small port where the Fish Festival is held. This unique event was created in 1952, out of a spontaneous gesture from some of the residents of Camogli who decided to gift their fellow residents and visitors a fried fish. This charming tradition has become an iconic part of the tourist experience of the city.

The symbol of the festival is the huge pan for frying the fish that is to be shared with all participants, and this event is celebrated every year thanks to the commitment of many volunteers.

Choose the thrills you want to experience

Choose the thrills you want to experience

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Experience the Ligurian Riviera. From a new perspective

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